Today, there are approximately 2,700 lawyers and judges in Dane County, approximately 1,000 of whom  are Association members. The Association continues to sponsor educational programs and social events for its members throughout the year. It works closely with the judges of the Dane County Circuit Court on a number of projects; it publicizes legal and administrative issues of concern to the courts and acts as a liaison between the bench and bar in Dane County.

Not surprisingly, many Dane County Bar Association members have played important roles in Wisconsinís legal and political history. Some of the association's most prominent members include:

Burr Jones (Association President, 1906-1913). Jones authored a nationally recognized treatise on evidence, was a member of congress, was a long-time member of the University of Wisconsin Law School faculty and served on the Wisconsin Supreme Court from 1920 to 1926.

Harry L. Butler (Association President, 1913-1920). Butler played an active role in drafting the State Worker's Compensation Law, one of the most important reforms of the Progressive Era, and served as counsel in cases determining the validity of various pieces of the Progressives' program. Glenn Stephens (Association President, 1934-35). Stephens was a long-time Member of the Madison School Board and was instrumental in shaping Madisonís modern school system.

James E. Doyle (Association President, 1962-1963). Doyle was one of the leaders of the renaissance of the State Democratic Party in the 1950s, and served as Federal District Judge of the Western District of Wisconsin for many years.

As it enters a new century, the Dane County Bar Association and its members look forward to a continuation of their service to their community and state.