Here is the CLE status of DCBA sponsored luncheons and other events held from January 2010 forward. Except as noted, one CLE credit was received.

02/25/2020 Immigrattion Law: Universal Representation, Detention and Deportation
1 Credit Pending
02/11/2020 The Re-Emergence of the Hemp Industry of in Wisconsin
01/28/2020 Gurardianships as Compared to Clients with Dimiished Capacity
01/14/2020 Business Law Update
12/11/2019 Reputation Management and How To Control Your Firm’s Presence Online
11/12/2019 Addressing Key Issues in the Use of Technology in the Workplace
10/22/2019 An Employer’s Guide on Wage Garnishments
10/08/2019 2019 U.S. Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
09/24/2019 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Law Update
09/10/2019 Title VII and LGBTQ Discrimination: Supreme Court Preview
06/14/2019 Is this the work of an umpire? A district judge’s reflections on sentencing and the rule of law.
05/28/2019 Landlord/Tenant Law Update
05/14/2019 League of Women Voters v. Evers
05/01/2019 Managing Your Reputation in the Digital Age
05/01/2019 Attorney Ethics Issues in "My Cousin Vinny:
1 Ethics Credit
05/01/2019 Media and Open Govenment Issues
04/23/2019 Civil Case Law Update
04/09/2019 Selected Topics of Trial Evidence
03/26/2019 Ethics Issues in the Movie "My Cousin Vinny"
1 Ethics Credit
02/26/2019 Overview of the New Tax Law
02/21/2019 Lunch & Learn
01/22/2019 Social Security Disability Law for Non-Specialists
01/09/2019 SCAP/FLAC Volunteer Presentation
3 CLEs
01/08/2019 Family Law Update
12/11/2018 How to Protect Your Law Firm from Hackers, Data Thieves & Tech Invaders
11/13/2018 Update on Changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure
10/23/2018 Wisconsin Consumer Law Overview
10/09/2018 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
09/25/2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Law Update
09/11/2018 Ethical Concerns & Avoiding Malpractice Claims Collecting from Clients
1 Ethics Credit
05/22/2018 Gerrymandering and the Whitford Case
No credit allowed
05/08/2018 SCOTUS Criminal Law Update
05/01/2018 Law Day - Attorney Ethics - Bridge of Spies
1 Ethics Credit
05/01/2018 Law Day - Politics of the Separation of Powers in Federal Government
05/01/2018 Law Day - Separation of Powers from a Legislator's Perspective
04/24/2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
04/10/2018 The Ins and Outs of Wisconsin’s Public Records Law
02/27/2018 DCBA Practice Series Program
01/23/2018 Life Today As a Contingency Fee Plaintiff’s Lawyer
01/09/2018 Business Law Update
12/12/2017 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Law Update
11/14/2017 Website Accessibility: What's All the Hype and is it Real?
10/24/2017 2017 U.S. Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
10/10/2017 Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions
09/26/2017 English and American Origins of Judicail Review
09/12/2017 File Management in an Electronic Age
05/23/2017 Drones and the Law
05/09/2017 Perspective from the Bench after Seven Years as Chief Judge
05/01/2017 Due Process - What Is It and Who Gets It?
05/01/2017 Voting Rights in the 14th Amendment
05/01/2017 14th Amendment Ethics Issues in the Trump Era
1 Ethics Credit
04/25/2017 Wisconsin Appellate Cases from 2016
04/11/2017 Student Loans: A Statutory and Regulatory Overview
03/28/2017 Avoiding Malpractice Claims
02/28/2017 The Dane County Jail System
02/14/2017 2017 SCOTUS Criminal Law Update
01/24/2017 John Doe Cases
01/12/2017 Small Claims Assistance Program and Family Law Assistance Center Volunteer Training
3 CLE / 1 Ethics Credit
01/10/2017 Social Media and Legal Ethics: Don’t Get All A-Twitter and Tumblr Down the YouTube
1 Ethics Credit
12/13/2016 Landlord/Tenant Law Update
12/02/2016 Ethics, Technology, and Your Practic
1 Ethics Credit
11/08/2016 Ethics Rules and Electronic Communication and Information-Sharing
1 Ethics Credit
10/25/2016 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Law Update
10/12/2016 2016 U.S. Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
09/27/2016 Alexander Hamilton: The Hidden Hand In Establishing the American Judiciary
09/14/2016 Admissibility of Electronic Evidence
06/06/2016 Steven Avery Case: Putting the State of Wisconsin and the Criminal Justice System on the Map and Under the Microscope
05/24/2016 2016 SCOTUS Criminal Law Update
05/10/2016 Redistricting and The law
04/29/2016 LAW DAY 2016 - Justice Scalia's Criminal Law Legacy / Deconstructin Miranda
04/29/2016 LAW DAY 2016 - Disciplinary Dragnet
1 Ethics Credit
04/29/2016 LAW DAY 2016 - Confession Law Update
04/26/2016 2016 Wisconsin Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
04/12/2016 Trends in Prison Population: The New Normal
03/17/2016 E-Filing 2.0: Future of Filing / Second Session
03/11/2016 Developing a Practice and Becoming a Better Lawyer Via the Big Picture
CLE / 1 Ethics Credit
03/08/2016 Concussions in Youth Sports Activities
02/23/2016 Presidential Debates: Past Present and Future
02/17/2016 E-Filing 2.0: Future of Filing
02/09/2016 Applicaton of Title IX to Sexual Violence on College Campuses
01/26/2016 Len Bias Law
01/13/2016 E-Filing 2.0: Future of Filing
01/12/2016 Association SCAP and FLAC Volunteer Training 2016
3 CLE / 1 Ethics Credit
01/12/2016 Business Law Update
12/16/2015 Art of Brief Writing
12/08/2015 Wisconsin Supreme Court Criminal Case Update
11/10/2015 Litigating Police Shooting Cases: A View for the Inside the Heenan Camp
10/27/2015 US Supreme Court Civil Case Law Update
10/13/2015 Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples after Obergefell
09/22/2015 Open Meeting and Public Records Law: A Review and Update
09/15/2015 What Next? School Districts Legal and Human Resources After 2011 Wisconsin Act 10
09/08/2015 What Does it take to be a Great Judge: Insights from Three of the Greatest Judges in American History
06/17/2015 View from the Bench
05/26/2015 Attorney Client-Privilege in the Real World: Not as Broad As You Think
3 CLE / 1 Ethics Credit
05/01/2015 Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under Law
3 CLE / 1 Ethics Credit
04/29/2015 Government Lawyers and Pro-Bono Work
1 Ethics Credit
04/28/2015 Review of Selected Civil Cases Decided in 2014 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals - Madison
04/14/2015 Wage & Hour Litigation Trends and Emerging Issues