History and Memorials

The History and Memorials Committee is organized to promote, protect and honor the history of lawyers and the practice of law in Dane County. In an effort to achieve those goals, the Committee:

·       Writes and publishes numerous articles for the DCBA newsletter that pertain to the history of law and lawyers in Dane County;         

·       Interviews our more “seasoned” members to collect oral histories of what the practice of law was like decades ago, moments of significance to the legal community, and how things have changed for the better or worse;         

·       Publishes original obituaries in the Newsletter of DCBA members who have passed;         

·       Published a beautiful book entitled “Lawyers Who Shaped Dane County, A History of the Practice of Law in Dane County”.  This book is available through the DCBA office.                 

·       Collected, restored, and reframed a number of composite photos of DCBA members and judges, dating back to before the Civil War, now on display in the lower level of the Courthouse;         

·       Collected and displayed various artifacts of the practice of law in Dane County, for example, a “Roll Book” that holds the signatures of members, also dating back to the Civil War era.

The History and Memorials Committee typically meets once a month in the Courthouse. For more information, or to join the Committee, contact committee chair Paul Humphrey at 608-266-4211.