At 12:00 noon on Thursday, September 15, Attorney David Krekeler will present an insightful and informative program on bankruptcy basics.

From David Krekeler: We are in a recession, at least by historic definitions. Inflation is at its highest point in over 40 years. Interest rates are skyrocketing and are at their highest rate in 15 years. Yet bankruptcy filings have been down over the past two years. Government intervention with the normal marketplace has delayed the filing of bankruptcy for many Americans. Foreclosure moratoriums, eviction moratoriums, and student loan moratoriums have all reduced or delayed the need for bankruptcy filings. Consumers received stimulus checks and businesses large sums under PPP and EIDL. But most of these programs have ended. Experts are expecting a wave of bankruptcies toward the end of 2022 or a little later. And changes in debt limits now make chapter 13 and Chapter 11 far more attractive and affordable.

We all need to know enough about bankruptcy for our clients to feel confident. We need to understand how bankruptcy interacts with our own practices. We need to know when we should be advising our clients to take a look at bankruptcy options. Attorney David Krekeler will provide you with a foundation about bankruptcy in terms that non-bankruptcy lawyers can easily understand. His basic overview will include:

What is chapter 7, what is chapter 13, and how are they different?

What is the timeline of the bankruptcy process?

Frequently asked questions that you get from clients (Can I keep my house? Can I keep my car?)

Non-dischargeable debts (e.g., student loans, criminal restitution, child support arrears)

Fraudulent transfers (e.g., why it’s a bad idea to sell your house to your mom right before declaring bankruptcy)

How to protect your fees

And he will stay as long as necessary to answer your questions.

David is the founder of Krekeler law, LLC, and has been solving financial problems for Wisconsin businesses, farms, and consumers for over 30 years. He has taught and trained Wisconsin judges and lawyers on all topics related to bankruptcy and debt, as well as law firm practice management and ethics. He has published countless articles and recently his first book, BANKRUPTCY ASKED and ANSWERED, available on Amazon. David has been a DCBA member since before some of you were born, and is looking forward to hosting another Fridays At Four soon.

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Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 02:15
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