At the annual Pro Bono Breakfast the DCBA will be presenting awards for outstanding pro bono work. Outstanding contributions to pro bono representation in Dane County are recognized in the following categories:
  • Individual Attorney Award
  • Law Student Award
  • Law Firm Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - Individual Attorney
  • Community Partner Award – Such as corporations or community service organizations that partner with pro bono projects
Up to three finalists will be selected in each category and notified several weeks before the breakfast. Winners and runners-up will be recognized at the rescheduled Pro Bono Awards Breakfast. Depending on the number and content of nominations, it is possible that not all categories will have a winner every year. 


Nominations are due Thursday, 4/1/21 by 5:00 pm and must be submitted using the Pro Bono Awards Nomination Form.  The Pro Bono Awards Committee, a sub-committee of the DCBA's Delivery of Legal Services Committee selects award winners based on the nomination and supporting material.

Nomination: Please describe why the nominee’s volunteer service deserves recognition, including the criteria below. Use examples and be as specific as possible.
  • Population served:Focus on traditionally marginalized or underserved persons of limited means; OR non-profit organization
  • Commitment: Length and amount of time (approximate)
  • Impact: Outcomes of services provided
  • Innovation: New service or delivery model; previously unmet need addressed; improvement to law, legal system, or legal profession
  • Scope: Individual; community; legislative or policy; state or national level 

Restrictions: Current voting members of the Pro Bono Awards Committee are not eligible to receive an award. 

Supporting Materials: Additional information is encouraged (limit 10 pages total), such as:
  • The nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae;
  • Articles about the nominee’s pro bono work;
  • Letters of support from pro bono clients who have been helped by the nominee; and
  • Letters of support from colleagues or others who have worked with the nominee to provide pro bono services


  • Who can submit a nomination for the Pro Bono Awards? Anyone can submit a nomination, including clients, community partners, attorneys, and others.
  • Does the person I’m nominating have to be a lawyer? No. Non-attorneys can be recognized for the Law Student Award and Community Partner Award.
  • What is the deadline for nominations? Nominations are due Wednesday, 4/1/21 by 5:00 pm.
  • When are the winners notified? Finalists and their nominators are notified several weeks before the Pro Bono Awards Breakfast. Winners are announced at the event.
  • When is the presentation of the Pro Bono Awards? Winners receive a plaque at the Pro Bono Awards Breakfast.
  • Can I nominate someone who won an award in the past? Yes, but members of the Pro Bono Awards Committee will consider the length of time since the past award and whether the work is substantially different.


Previous award winners are listed below


For questions or additional information, please contact Attorney Jennifer Binkley: or 608-442-3003




Independent Attorney: Carousel Bayrd

Law Student: Angela O’Brien 

Law Firm:West & Dunn

Lifetime: John Mitby

Special Service: Iris Christenson


Independent Attorney: Kathryn Pfefferle

Law Student: William Grau

Law Firm: Foley & Lardner, LLP and Husch Blackwell, LLP

Lifetime: Dan LaRoque

Special Service: Veronica Vega

Other: Eviction Defense Project - Legal Action of Wisconsin


Independent Attorney: Talita Bornholdt

Law Student: Niabi Schmaltz Lifetime: Marilyn Townsend

Special Service: Chris Jarosh

Other: CUNA Mutual Group

Community Partner: Dane County


Independent Attorney: Jason Knutson

Law Student: Emmiline Lee 

Law Firm: Hawks Quindel, SC

Lifetime: Tenant Resource Center & Ed Garvey (posthumous)


Independent Attorney: Charles Ver Hoeve

Law Student: Tiffany Woelfel & Brandon Tillman

Law Firm: Merchant & Gould

Other: Jeff Brown, State Bar of WI


Independent Attorney: Dera Johnsen-Tracy

Law Student: Amanda Meyers

Law Firm: Quarles & Brady, LLP

Other: ACLU Mass Defense


Independent Attorney: Andrew DeClercq

Law Student: Liz Bradley

Law Firm: Boardman & Clark

Special Service: Lori Lubinsky


Independent Attorney: Margaret Maroney

Law Student: Lia Ocasio

Law Firm: Foley & Lardner, LLP


Independent Attorney: H. Wes Taylor

Law Student: Jennifer Cunha

Lifetime: Mary Beth Keppel

Organization Award: Community Immigration Law Center


Independent Attorney: Dan O'Callaghan

Law Student: Christine Heywood

Lifetime: William White

Retired Attorney: Michael Gengler & Edith Sullivan


Independent Attorney: Paul Schwarz

Law Firm: Gennerman Mazzie Briscoe Law Group, LLC

LIfetime: David J. Harth


Independent Attorney: Hannah Renfro

Law Student: Anne Applebaum

Law Firm: Foley & Lardner, LLP


Independent Attorney: Christopher Krimmer

Law Student: Emily Long

Law Firm: Quarles & Brady, LLP

Lifetime: Rhea Myers

Organization Award: UW Madison Pro Bono Project


Independent Attorney: Earl Munson

Law Student: Katie Holms

Law Firm: Foley & Lardner, LLP and Heller Ehrman, LLP


Independent Attorney: Timothy Radelet

Law Student: Regal Qick-Severin

Special Service: Allan Koritzinsky


Independent Attorney: Ramona Nater and Rhonda Hazen

Lifetime: John Skilton


Independent Attorney: Irene Wren 

Distinguished Service: Roy Froemming

Community Professional: Paula Seeger


Independent Attorney: John Robinson

Law Student: Claire Starling

Lifetime: Larry Hanson


Independent Attorney: Sara Buscher

Law Firm: Stafford Rosenbaum, LLP

Distinguished Service: Troy Mayne


Independent Attorney: Lawrie Kobza

Special Service: Ed Baker

Distinguished Service: Mark Borns

Government Agency: Mary Beth Keppel

Organization Award: Family Law Assistance Center