Case Mediation Registration

Resolve your litigation without trial.

The Case Mediation Program is sponsored by the Dane County Bar Association (DCBA). The program will accept only cases filed or eligible for filing in the Dane County court system or in which at least one attorney in the case is a member of the Dane County Bar Association. Parties are not required to retain legal counsel but it is highly recommended.

"*" indicates the field is required.

Mediation Party Information

Definition of a party according to the Case Mediation Program for payment of fees: Multiple parties represented by the same attorney are considered one party and only pay a single $100 contribution fee. If there is more than one individual or business as a plaintiff or defendant and they each have separate attorneys, then they are considered separate parties and must each pay the $100 contribution fee.

For Party Type: If there are "Joint Petitioners" the first party to register is the "Petitioner" and the second party registering will be the "Joint Petitioner A." Please make sure you both do NOT register as "petitioner."

What to put for "Email for Notifications": If you're represented by an attorney, please enter your attorney's email. Otherwise, enter your email. This is the same for "phone for notifications."

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